• State of saas 2021

    Last year 123 B2B SaaS companies responded to the 2020 State of SaaS survey which gave a proper snapshot of the SaaS scene in Finland.


    This year we are expanding the survey to all the Nordic countries.

    The 2021 survey is out now, join below and get the full report by 110+ Nordic SaaS companies!

  • Last year's results from State of Saas 2020

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  • State of Saas in finland 2021 publication webinar

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  • The 2021 State of SaaS survey is organised by Vendep Capital and the partners

    Vendep Capital

    The Nordic SaaS VC fund

    Business Finland

    Supporting Finnish SaaS companies


    Supporting Danish SaaS companies

    Newion Partners

    The Pan-European B2B software investor

  • Background

    This is the fourth consecutive year for the anonymous State of SaaS survey. Before 2018 there was no aggregate data on Nordic SaaS companies - their business models, target markets, metrics and challenges were unknown. Vendep Capital set out to better understand the SaaS ecosystem in Finland and the other Nordics along with the paths taken by companies to reach the global markets.


    It is worthwhile for the community to examine and learn from their peers and other successful SaaS-businesses. State of SaaS brings the largest and most comprehensive data for discussion. Our hope is that this will spark insights and debate on the best practices and successful playbooks that Nordic B2B SaaS companies should pursue in the years to come.